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Bicycle Safety Work Plan to be presented at the January 30, 2017 City Council Meeting

The city council has received the report embedded below about the city’s updated work plan for implementing the spring network of popup protected bike lanes that the council repeatedly asked for last fall. This report will be discussed at the city council meeting on January 30.

Unfortunately, based on this report, the city does not appear to be committed to implementing a spring network of protected bike lanes as the council requested last fall. Instead, they only plan to complete a portion of Cambridge St and a small sliver of Mass Ave this spring, with no concrete plan for further work. We continue to be excited about the popup protected bike lane that’s been planned for Cambridge St, and we love riding in the two short segments that were installed on Mass Ave in December – but these need to be just the first steps in a concrete, accelerated work plan for a broad, connected network across the city.

Two cyclists died last year and the city’s lack of urgency is troubling. There are numerous reasons to install protected bike lanes on major thoroughfares; twelve of them are summarized here.

Here’s the report:

Petition for Safe Streets in Cambridge

Update: Over 3,000 people have signed the Petition for Safe Streets, including 1,700 Cambridge residents! Add your name below, and show your support by joining the Safe Streets Petition Delivery Party on Monday, October 31 at City Hall!

We have put together a petition regarding safe streets in Cambridge.

In light of the tragic deaths of Dr. Bernard “Joe” Lavins, Amanda Phillips, and Marcia Deihl, all killed by trucks in Cambridge in the last two years, we call on the City of Cambridge to immediately follow through on its commitment to enact safety improvements to bicycle infrastructure across the city, starting with separated bike lanes on all major city thoroughfares.

Sign the petition here or below.

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