Do you work for a larger employer in Cambridge? What percentage of people bike to work?

Talk to your manager, HR representative, and see if the company could support employees getting to work in a healthy and sustainable way.

Cambridge Bicycle Safety is working to improve safety for bicyclists of all ages and abilities by building a network of protected bike lanes across Cambridge. Read more about the network and why it’s needed here. Support of larger employers is crucial to pushing the city to create safer bike infrastructure in Cambridge.

Questions or updates? Email us at: business@cambridgebikesafety.org


As an employer in Cambridge, I support the creation of a city-wide network of protected bike lanes that would provide a safe, reliable, and healthy transportation option for our employees and visitors. The creation of safe, protected bike lanes is a way for us to attract and retain talented employees who are the backbone of our business. Protected bike lanes will also help reduce congestion, encourage healthy lifestyles, and boost the economic vitality and livability of our region for everyone.

Some sample letters from the London campaign: