Vote for Safe Streets this November 7!

All seats on Cambridge City Council are up for election this November 7, and the make-up of the Council is critical to making rapid progress toward safe biking infrastructure for all ages and abilities. CBS has laid out a bold Cambridge Bicycle Safety Platform requiring a fast-tracked implementation of the 20 miles of protected lanes called for in the city’s Bike Plan, along with a clear timeline. To get the platform implemented, we need councillors good on bikes, and that means we all need to vote!

See how the candidates responded to the platform in our VOTER GUIDE here.

CBS is committed to engaging with all community members on appropriate design and implementation plans, which are safe for all users of the roads–pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers–and good for local businesses. Nevertheless, some vocal opponents of the new infrastructure have surfaced in recent weeks, which could lead to the removal of pop-up protected bike lanes on Cambridge Street serving CRLS and Brattle St and Mass Ave serving Harvard Square, among others. The Council and the City Manager listen to public comment, but they listen even more to votes. Let’s use our votes to tell the City we want them to install more bike infrastructure, not to tear it down.

Find Your Polling Place and Make a Plan to Vote:

Cambridge has an interactive map to find your polling place HERE.

Polls are open from 7am – 8pm.

Together, we can ensure a safe, protected bicycle network in Cambridge for all ages and abilities.

Register to Vote

The deadline is October 18, but don’t wait until the last minute. Two steps:

  1. Sign up to be reminded before the voter registration deadline and on election day to get out and vote.
  2. Register yourself (unless you have a Mass drivers license, you have to print and mail or deliver in person). Send the signed form to: Cambridge Election Commission, 51 Inman St., Cambridge, MA 02139.

(If you are a student or first-time voter in Cambridge, this FAQ by MIT is super helpful.)

Educate Yourself and a Friend

CBS has published statements of signers to our candidate pledge, and will be publishing good actions and statements by candidates on our website and facebook page. Read candidate responses to the Vision Zero Questionnaire. Engage with a friend (or ten!) about bicycle issues this season and make sure they are registered. If you want to help out with canvassing and getting out the vote, email us.

(Somerville and Boston are also having municipal elections this season. Read here for more vision zero info on these candidates.)


Make sure to show up on election day! If you know you will be out of town, you have to register in advance for an absentee ballot.

Sign up here to be reminded on election day.

Together, we can ensure a safe, protected bicycle network in Cambridge for all ages and abilities.