Tues, Oct 10: Fall’s most important bike safety meeting

This Tuesday, Oct 10, 4-6pm at city hall, city staff are going to present on their plans for next steps with the protected bike network, and also discuss lanes that have already been installed.
We know that people opposed to the new lanes are turning people out for this event. We need a 10-1 ratio of supporters in the room so that the city gets a renewed clear mandate to keep installing protected bike lanes across the city and to not remove any that are already installed.
Here is how you can help:
– come to the meeting. We will have “safe streets now” or similar stickers so you can be identified as a supporter
– *bring your whole family: parents, kids, etc*
– particularly if you are a Cambridge resident and have a particularly sympathetic story, sign up to speak in public comment, which will start at 5pm


Tell us that you are coming here: