Election FAQ: What is the Cambridge Bicycle Safety Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee?

Cambridge Bicycle Safety is a group made up of resident volunteers that organized after the deaths of three cyclists on our streets. We have been working countless hours as volunteers since these tragic deaths to push the city to implement protected bicycle infrastructure to prevent future deaths and serious injuries. As part of our volunteer effort to educate voters about where candidates stand on protected bike lanes we decided to send a mailer to voters, and based on guidance by state regulators we started a PAC to do so.

The mailer was based on a pledge our group asked candidates to sign onto calling for an increased rate at which the city installs protected bike lanes. We also indicated endorsements of other groups that people may be aware of. Our goal was simple: Cambridge is diverse in both backgrounds and ideas, but safe infrastructure saves lives and we wanted to point out candidates from across the spectrum who agree. We gave every candidate the opportunity to express their opinion on safe bicycling infrastructure–including any reservations–through the Platform as well as the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition questionnaire which asks a broader range of questions. Most chose to respond, but some did not. Here is the single mailer we sent: http://www.cambridgebikesafety.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/2017_cambridgebikesafety_mail_postcard.pdf


Click here to see the platform and how candidates voted.