Feb 12: Policy Order asserts Cambridge St unsafe

A policy order on Monday’s agenda asserts that the Cambridge Street lanes are unsafe. Read the full policy order here. The new City Councillors have not heard enough from those of us who support the new protected bike lanes and feel much safer in them.

  • The new lanes have been overwhelmingly popular and have been supported by a wide range of residents.
  • They are an extremely effective safety improvement and have created a necessary safe space for people to ride their bikes, and have helped to slow down traffic creating a safer street for all road users.
  • Our streets still aren’t safe and the City needs to move faster to implement a city-wide network of protected bike lanes.

Show up to speak:

When: This Monday, February 12, 5:30pm
Where: 795 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139
What: Attend and speak in favor of protected bike lanes, reference Policy Order O-4

Sign up online to speak (or sign up in person Monday evening between 5-6pm) and RSVP on Facebook