DCR Plan Removes Proposed Bike Lanes from Gerry’s Landing Road

In 2018, after several years of significant public engagement, including public comment, public meetings, and stakeholder meetings, DCR announced a consensus short term plan which, in addition to dedicated bus lanes and bike/ped safety improvements on Mt Auburn St, also included a two-way protected bike lane on Gerrys Landing Road/Fresh Pond Parkway south of Mt Auburn St.

This protected bike lane was included in the consensus short-term plan because it is a critical connection along this heavy-traffic corridor that provides access to the Charles River path from north/west Cambridge and beyond. Not only would this stretch provide access to/from the river for many cyclists who use it to commute to work, but it would also help students who bike to BB&N.

Despite these considerations and the hundreds of hours invested in the plan by the community, DCR announced on Tuesday that they will not implement the consensus short-term plan’s protected bike lanes on Gerrys Landing Road, prioritizing vehicle traffic instead.