Cambridge Bicycle Safety Submits Petition with 1000 Signatures to City Urging More Action on Shared Streets

On June 4, 2020, a coalition of concerned residents, business owners, and employees led by Cambridge Bicycle Safety submitted a petition to the City of Cambridge requesting more action on safer streets for pedestrians and bicyclists during the COVID-19 pandemic to enable safe essential travel to support local businesses. The number of signatures exceeded 1000!

Specifically the petition requests are: 

  1. Create a continuous citywide network of widened sidewalks on busy streets by adding signage and barriers that allow people to walk safely in the street while maintaining physical distance from others.
  2. Implement Neighborhood Slow Streets in areas where widening sidewalks isn’t possible, so that people can walk or bike safely through their neighborhoods to local business districts.
  3. Request that DCR widen sidewalks and bike paths on Memorial Drive by blocking off two lanes for people to use for walking and biking for essential travel, while leaving two lanes for motor vehicles.
  4. Complete the 20-mile citywide network of protected bike lanes that promotes safe travel by bike for people of all ages and abilities.
  5. Help the MBTA to quickly implement changes to improve and continue access while enabling social distancing (e.g., more frequent and longer bus service, and creating priority bus lanes), and to make significant investments now for the long-term.

We ask that the Council ensure that the Shared Streets pilot expands substantially beyond its current scope, so that it creates a network that reaches all neighborhoods in the city; that the Council and Manager advocate to DCR for a 24/7 shutdown of two lanes on Memorial Drive for those who walk or bike for essential travel; and that the Cycling Safety Ordinance be passed into law as soon as possible.

This is a critical moment. Cambridge has made great progress over the past years to enable everyone to get around the city safely and equitably. If we do not, however, move much more aggressively than we have to date during the coronavirus pandemic, we risk squandering this progress.

Thank you for your support.