Cycle to Shop Mass Ave Challenge

A cargo bike with a large wooden box in the front, filled with groceries, in front of a metal fence with plants in the background.
Mark B loads up his cargo bike with groceries.

Cambridge Bicycle Safety is excited to host the October “Cycle to Shop Mass Ave” challenge. Today through Tuesday Nov 2, we want to see your photos of your bike trips to businesses along Mass Ave, between Memorial Drive and Alewife Brook Parkway. Let’s show Mass Ave businesses that bikes are used for shopping and errands. Prizes include fun gifts courtesy of Ward Maps, and $25-50 gift cards to local businesses. As they say, Bikes Mean Business! 

To enter, either fill out this Google Form, or post to social media and tag Cambridge Bicycle Safety and use the hashtag #IBikeIBuyMassAve (Twitter: @CambBikeSafety, Facebook or Instagram: @CambridgeBikeSafety). If you are tagging us on social media, your post must be public, or we will not be able to see it. If your social media account is private, please use the Google Form to submit so we don’t miss your entry! If you have any issues, please email us,

We will need:

  1. Name of the business, located on Mass Ave
  2. Photo of your bike with your purchase and/or in front of the business
  3. A sentence describing what you bought and/or why you visit this business by bike. 
  4. Optional: We’d also like to estimate the amount of money cyclists spend at local businesses, so if you’re willing to provide an estimate of your spend that would be appreciated!

Each form submission or social media post will give you one (1) entry into a raffle.

Entries received by Oct 19, 11:59PM, will qualify for the first raffle, for the fun bike and MBTA gifts and $25 gift cards. All entries received by Nov 2, 11:59PM (including those submitted before Oct 19), will qualify for the final raffle for the $50 gift cards.

Categories and prizes for the raffle include:

  • Mid and South Mass Ave (Harvard St to Memorial Drive, or Harvard Square to Memorial Drive)
    • 1 set of “I Bike” Somerville, Cambridge, and Boston magnets, courtesy of Ward Maps
    • $25 – Dumpling House
    • $50 – Plough and Stars
  • Lower Mass Ave (Somerville Ave to Harvard St, or Porter Square to Harvard Square)
    • 1 pair of MBTA socks, courtesy of Ward Maps
    • $25 – Honeycomb Creamery
    • $50 – Cambridge Clogs
  • North Mass ave (Alewife Brook Parkway to Somerville Ave, or northern Cambridge border to Porter Square)
    • 1 MBTA map bandana, courtesy of Ward Maps
    • $25 – Greek Corner
    • $50 – Season to Taste
  • Largest/heaviest/wackiest load by bike 
    • $50 – Tags Hardware
  • Most businesses visited on Mass Ave 
    • $50 – Pemberton Farms

Good luck, and happy biking!

Big thank you to Ward Maps for donating some of the prizes for this challenge! Are you a local business owner who would like to donate a prize to this challenge? Please email us

1735 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

Update, 10/20/2021: Congratulations to the winners of our first raffle!

  • Mid and South Mass Ave
    • Burhan A, UBreakIFix: 1 set of “I Bike” Somerville, Cambridge, and Boston magnets, courtesy of Ward Maps
    • Amy D, Artists and Craftsman Supply: $25 – Dumpling House
  • Lower Mass Ave
    • Franton L, Bagelsaurus: 1 pair of MBTA socks, courtesy of Ward Maps
    • Anna S, UPS Store: $25 – Honeycomb Creamery
  • North Mass Ave 
    • Edward F, Pemberton Farms: 1 MBTA map bandana, courtesy of Ward Maps
    • Lena W, Pemberton Farms: $25 – Greek Corner

Thank you to everyone who has submitted photos of their Mass Ave shopping! We love seeing the variety of items purchased and businesses visited. Many of you have bought groceries from Pemberton Farms, Foodland, Daily Market, HMart, and Curio Spice. You’ve eaten ice cream from Honeycomb Creamery and New City Microcreamery, meals from Yummy Thai, Wasabi at Porter, Bagelsaurus, Life Alive Organic Cafe, 5 Spices House, Harvard House of Pizza, Clover, Violette Bakery, Beantown Taqueria, Passage to India, Nirvana Cambridge, Greek Corner, The Dial, Cambridge Commons, Wrapro, and drinks from 765 Tavern, Artifact Cider, Norton’s Liquors, and University Wines. You’ve bought hardware or other furnishings for your home from Rockler Woodworking and Hardware, Tags Hardware, Commonwealth Locksmith, China Fair, Artists and Craftsman Supply, sent packages at the UPS store, repaired a device at UBreakIFix, and took care of your health at Cambridge Pediatric Dental, Cambridge Naturals, Marathon Sports and Walgreens. One of you even bought an electric guitar from Guitar Stop and brought it home by bike!

Keep the photos coming!

Final Update:

  • Mid and South Mass Ave
    • Bence B., UPS Store: $50 – Plough and Stars
  • Lower Mass Ave
    • Gleb B., Fedex/Walgreens: $50 – Cambridge Clogs
  • North Mass Ave 
    • Gloria K., Hair International: $50 – Season to Taste
  • Largest/Heaviest/Wackiest Load
    • Araon G., @agundy_ for hauling “4 pumpkins for a load of ~60 lbs of pumpkins and a half gallon of apple cider” from Pemberton Farms: $50 – Tags Hardware
  • Most Businesses Visited
    • @Cambikelanes (Twitter) – 20 trips to 18 businesses! – $50 – Pemberton Farms
    • AllAboutThatWaste (Instagram) – 10 trips to 8 businesses! – $27 – Cambridge Clogs

Honorable mentions for the the largest/heaviest/wackiest load by bike include:

  • @cambikelanes, 3 pizzas from Upper Crust:
  • @eaf4_somerville, 1 week of groceries for a family of 4, from Pemberton Farms:
  • @finitealright, creative baguette and plant transportation, from Pemberton Farms
  • Additional shout-outs to Bence B., who transported an electric guitar, and Mark B. and @allaboutthatwaste, who brought home delicious pastries by bike. Helmets off to you folks for transporting these delicate items by bike!

Thank you again to everyone who submitted photos. We appreciate you taking the extra minute to snap a photo during your routine errands, and helping us show how people ride bikes to local businesses! As the protected bike lane network grows under the Cycling Safety Ordinance, even more people will feel empowered to make trips by bike.