Week of May 23: Garden St meeting, updates for Memorial Drive, Brattle St

Tuesday May 24, 6PM: Community meeting regarding protected bike lanes on Garden St

Cambridge is planning on installing protected bike lanes on Garden Street, from Huron Avenue to Mason Street, as part of the Cycling Safety Ordinance. On Tuesday May 24 on Zoom, the city will share their initial thoughts and gather feedback for their design. 

Please join the meeting:

  • Share ideas about how to make Garden St. a safer road for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Show your support for protected bike lanes.

To join the webinar, visit the event page.

Keeping Memorial Drive as a park on Saturdays: update from May 23 Council Meeting

On May 23, the City Council discussed a policy order (see policy order here)to eliminate the Saturday conversion of Memorial Drive into a park, based on complaints of traffic congestion from a handful of nearby residents. An alternative measure that would address the traffic concerns while keeping the park open was under discussion, but never got voted on. Instead, the vote was delayed to the next council meeting on June 6th.

Since the park’s future still isn’t secure, we need to keep pushing the council to do the right thing.

How you can help:

  • Sign the petition: If you haven’t already, sign our petition to keep Memorial Drive as a park on Saturdays. Also, please share the petition with local friends, family and neighbors!

Brattle St. survey

As part of the Cycling Safety Ordinance, Cambridge is planning to install protected bike lanes on Brattle St over the next two years. You can learn more at the city’s project website. After a meeting on May 3rd with some initial information (see the slides here) the city is gathering feedback via survey.
If you live in the area, bike on Brattle St., or would bike on Brattle St. if it were safer, please fill out the survey.