Bike Bus to School

Watch Live Tracker of Peabody School Bike Bus!

Next Bike Bus:

To Peabody School – Monday, April 22, 2024

Leaving from Rindge Ave Apartments at 8:15, then Russell Field at 8:30

What is a bike bus? Instead of a regular school bus, a bike bus is a group of parents and children riding their bikes to school. The ride is short, less than one mile, and is led by volunteer marshals who assist with logistics and traffic management. Cambridge Bicycle Safety organizes Bike Bus rides to several neighborhood schools from nearby starting points throughout the year.

Check our schedule below if you are interested in joining. We look forward to seeing you!

How to start a Bike Bus

  • Get motivated
  • Find interested people
  • Plan the route. This could be a single meeting location or point to point. (note hazards: cross streets, intersections, construction, etc)
  • Announce the first bike bus event
  • Show up and have fun

Bike Bus Roles

  • Ride leader (1 adult): leads the group, instructs children to stay behind the leader
  • Marshalls/corkers (2-3 adults): places a bicycle horizontally across an intersection to prevent cars from passing through.
    Thank the motorists for the patience and explain what the ride is about. 
  • Sweep (1 adult): stays behind the last rider, keeps cars from attempting to pass.

Other Considerations

  • Photograph the event. This helps get other people excited and to spread the word.
  • Take a headcount.
  • Gather contacts of attendees.
  • Create a Google Group for reminders and updates.
  • Post flyers to reach a more diverse group.


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