Bike Theft and Crashes

Bike Theft

Register your bike on the National Bike Registry:

What to do when it’s stolen (taken from )

  1. File a report with the Cambridge Police Department. You can file it by calling our non-emergency number at 617-349-3300 or we recommend reporting it in person at the Cambridge Police Department, which is located at 125 6th Street. Provide a serial number and pictures if you have them along with information about where it was stolen and any other details of the theft.
  2. Post the bike as “Stolen” in bikes section of Craigslist or on social networks like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. If you receive a tip or info, contact the police. Do not attempt to recover bike on your own.
  3. File a claim with your renter or homeowner’s insurance company. Sometimes bike theft is covered.
  4. If you think your bike may have been recovered and could be in the police department’s possession, please fill out this form with the Property & Evidence Unit, so we can determine if there is a possible match.


Bike Crash

If a less severe crash, you should still report it so that problem spots can be identified. You can always call the non-emergency police line at: 617-349-3300

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