Business and Employer campaign – Frequently asked questions 

If a business signs onto the platform, does this add a legal obligation on their part?

No. The statement is just an expression of support for a protected bike lane network in Cambridge. A business which signs onto the platform is not required to do nor restricted from doing anything because they signed onto the platform.

Will this information be sold or given to third parties?


Can anyone sign a business onto the platform?

The person signing onto the platform must have the authority to represent the business for the purpose of signing on to the platform. We follow up via email to all companies who sign on to try to prevent misunderstandings.

I signed on my company but I realized I did not have authority to do so. What do I do?

Let us know via email at and we can make whatever correction is necessary.

Do I have to use the form to sign the platform?

No, you may also email us at or contact us via other means.

Maybe the biggest question: Why would a company want to sign onto this business platform? A few reasons:

  • A company may have many employees within the company who strongly support a protected bike lane network already, and signing onto a statement is just an affirmation of this.
  • It shows the company as putting a high value on the safety of its employees and customers.
  • We communicate to our membership, including with our email list with thousands of residents, that the company values safe infrastructure for people to bike around safely. Cambridge has one of the highest rates of bike commuting on the east coast. Expressing support can be a great way to show a large pool of prospective employees that you share their values.