2019 Cambridge City Council Election

An assertive city council can do a lot to make biking safer in Cambridge. Most significantly the city council passed the Cycling Safety Ordinance earlier this year which makes protected bike lanes a requirement when streets on the bike plan are reconstructed according to its five year plan of regular maintenance. But there is a lot more that needs to be done, and we need to move much more quickly. By electing an assertive city council who does not take no for an answer, we can move our city closer to rapid construction of its network of protected bike lanes.

In addition to voting in the election on November 5th, please sign up to receive action alerts and news about bicycle infrastructure in Cambridge. With your help we can hold the city accountable to provide safe bike infrastructure for all ages and abilities.

Print-friendly version of the voter guide to share with friends and neighbors


Dennis Carlone (i) pedal_bike done (link) done done CCC, CRA, OR
Alanna Mallon (i) done (link) done done ABC
Marc McGovern (i) pedal_bike done (link) done done ABC
Sumbul Siddiqui (i) pedal_bike done (link) done done ABC
Quinton Zondervan (i) pedal_bike done (link) done done CCC, CRA, OR, Sunrise
Burhan Azeem done (link) N/A N/A ABC
Charles Franklin done (link) N/A N/A CRA, OR
Derek Kopon done (link) N/A N/A CCC
Risa Mednick done (link) N/A N/A ABC, CRA
Adriane Musgrave pedal_bike done (link) N/A N/A ABC
Patricia Nolan done (link) N/A N/A CCC, CRA, OR
Ben Simon done (link) N/A N/A CCC, OR, DSA
Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler pedal_bike done (link) N/A N/A ABC, CRA, OR, DSA, Sunrise
Nicola Williams done (link) N/A N/A CCC, CRA, OR
  Craig Kelley (i) close close done CCC
Denise Simmons (i) close close close ABC
Tim Toomey (i) close close close ABC
The remaining candidates either rejected the pledge, or did not sign it by our deadline.

pedal_bike Champions:  These candidates have shown that they will fight aggressively for protected bike lanes.

Supporters: These candidates signed our pledge and we can count on their votes to support bike infrastructure.

(i) — Incumbent.


Cambridge City Council Candidate Pledge

For the upcoming Cambridge City Council election we are asking candidates to sign onto our pledge:

I support rapid implementation of the citywide network of protected bicycle lanes as described in the Cambridge Bicycle Plan. Specifically, I support complete implementation of the Bicycle Plan in the near future, within the next 5 years, using a combination of quick-build and capital improvements.

Additionally, I recognize that Mass Ave is the most important street in Cambridge and needs protected bicycle lanes for its entire length as soon as possible.

Accordingly, if elected, I pledge to do everything in my power–including by voting in the City Council, proactively working with the City Manager and City Staff, and promoting this initiative publicly–to ensure that the City of Cambridge installs continuous protected bicycle lanes along the entire length of Mass Ave from the Charles River to the Arlington border, by the end of the next council term, or has started a capital project to do so. These improvements should also include bus transit priority and pedestrian safety improvements.