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The City of Cambridge 2015 Bike Plan commits to a 20-mile network of protected bike lanes connecting Cambridge from end to end. In order to complete that vision in 5 years, the City would need to complete 4 miles of bike lanes per year. Since 2015, the City has only installed 1.2 miles of protected lanes. In 2018, there is only 1 project scheduled for completion, despite the City’s promise to complete 3 projects this year.

This past spring, Cambridge Bicycle Safety members held meetings with city councillors, as well as the city manager and staff from the Traffic Department and the Community Development Department. Through these conversations, we determined that the next step in convincing the City to move forward is to demonstrate broad public support for completing the network within 5 years.


Our streets aren’t safe for bicyclists or pedestrians:

  • Since 2015, 3 cyclists and 4 pedestrians have died after being hit by vehicles on Cambridge streets.
  • First responders are called to a crash involving a bike and a vehicle every other day.

Building a protected bicycle network creates transportation equity by making cycling a safe option for everyone.


We’re asking for three specific actions this year to complete the network by 2023

1) By 2023 the city will complete the network of protected bicycle lanes shown in the Cambridge Bike Plan using a mix of permanent construction and quick-build approaches, and installing a minimum of two miles per year.

2) In 2019 the City will complete a preliminary design (“25% design”) for the complete network of protected bike lanes shown in the Cambridge Bicycle Plan (Figure 5-15). The City will issue a report specifying the number of miles and particular segments of the Protected Network to be installed each year.

3) Whenever the City makes improvements to a street, such improvements must comply with the Cambridge Bicycle Plan.