Street Designs

Brattle Street

In 2017, the City added two-way separated bike lanes to Brattle Street from Eliot Street in Harvard Square to Mason Street. During warmer months, the bike lane is separated from traffic by white flex posts. In the winter, those are removed and replaced with large traffic cones with heavy bases. Read more about Brattle Street.

Cambridge Street

In August 2017, the City added separated bikes lanes to Cambridge Street, from Quincy Street to Fayette Street. Bike lanes are located next to the curb and are separated from parked cars and traffic by flex posts. The City began collecting feedback on the project in Spring 2018. Read more about Cambridge Street.

Gore Street

Gore Street is the preferred connection between the Somerville Community Path and the Grand Junction Path. The section from Gold Star Park going West to the railway could have cycletrack, to match the level of comfort from the off-street paths. Somerville is putting flexpost-protected bike lanes on Medford Street. The rest of Gore should have traffic calming, including removing the center line and wider sidewalks. Read more about Gore Street.

Grand Junction Path

The Grand Junction Path (GJP) will be built next to the existing Grand Junction Railway. Although at present only a short segment of it has been built, between Main St and Broadway, funding and/or commitments have been secured to build a majority of the path in the next few years. When built, the GJP will have a transformational effect by connecting dozens of miles of regional paths. Read more about Huron Avenue.

Inman Square

On June 4, 2018, the City Council voted to continue moving forward with the redesign of Inman Square, which will provide critical safety improvements for bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers, as well as reliability enhancements for bus riders. Read more about Inman Square.

Mount Auburn Street

There is a need for separated bike lanes — and there is space for them — on Mount Auburn Street. There are plans to add separated bike lanes in spring 2019.¬†Read more about Mount Auburn Street.

Porter Square

The City is making intermediate changes to Porter Square by the end of 2018, including signal timing and paint. Read more about Porter Square.

South Massachusetts Avenue

The proposed design will add dedicated bus lanes, bike signals, reconfigured turn lanes, dedicated areas for loading and drop-offs and separated bike lanes in parts of South Mass. Ave, between Sidney Street and Memorial Drive. In 2019, these changes could include floating or modular bus stops as well. Read more about South Mass. Ave.