Grand Junction Path

The Grand Junction Path (GJP) will be built next to the existing Grand Junction Railway. Although at present only a short segment of it has been built, between Main St and Broadway, funding and/or commitments have been secured to build a majority of the path in the next few years. When built, the GJP will have a transformational effect by connecting dozens of miles of regional paths: the Minuteman/Somerville Community Path, the Charles River Bike Path, and the Northern Strand path will all be connected with each other, with several neighborhood in Cambridge, and across the river into Boston. Additionally, the path will provide nearby residents – including Millers River Apartments residents – access to greenspace and safe transportation through several Cambridge neighborhoods.

The Cambridge Housing Authority is seeking to renovate and expand Millers River Apartments, which sits right along the Grand Junction Railway. The project consists of (1) renovating the existing buildings, (2) adding an additional building for a new community room, with a view to eventually redeveloping the existing community room.

In July 2018, Cambridge Bicycle Safety met with Councillor Alanna Mallon and Mike Johnston, Diana Prideaux-Brune, and Clara Fraden of the Cambridge Housing Authority. We had a productive conversation about how all of us recognize the importance of both the Grand Junction Path and the Millers River Apartments project to creating an equitable, affordable and livable community. As a followup, the CHA’s executive director has issued this statement reiterating the CHA’s support for the Grand Junction Path and committing to work with the City and MassDOT/MBTA to develop a plan that allows the Grand Junction Path to be built. We appreciate the CHA’s commitment and look forward to working together to ensure that both the Millers River Renovation Project and the Grand Junction Path are funded and built.